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How to Choose Flexible Rubber expansion Joints for Pump

Rubber expansion Joints is installed in the inlet and outlet of pump.It is used to absorb the vibration and noise when it the pump working, protecting the pump from damage.

Flexible rubber expansion joint selection:
1. Pressure. According to the pump head to choose, the general uworking pressure are: 0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5Mpa.
2. Temperature. According to the working temperature, the average temperature is-15℃ - 115℃, and the specific amount to -30℃ - 160℃.
3. Medium. General fitting medium: air, compressed air, water, sea water, hot water, oil, acid, alkali, etc..
4. More professionally to consider the blasting pressure and vacuum, etc..
5. Generally most rubber joints used for the pump are single sphere.

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