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  • Double Flange Dismantling Joint
  • Double Flange Dismantling Joint

Double Flange Dismantling Joints

Follower:Carbon steel, stainless steel,Ductile Iron
Body :Carbon steel, stainless steel,Ductile Iron
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Product description:

China  zhenzhou Mason Double Flange Dismantling Joints make it easier to install and maintain valves and other equipment by offering adjustability .When installed adjacent to a valve,the dismantling joint can be shortened to allow access for any necessary maintenance or replacement
Adjustable telescoping restraint with tie-rods. Ideal for systems that require periodic maintenance, the Double Flange Dismantling Joints can be adjusted to length to allow access for installation or removal of valves and other equipment.
Double Flange Dismantling Joints can be divided into half of all bolts and full bolts. full bolts Double Flange Dismantling Joints are more durable.This product is mainly supporting the valve.the Material of Double Flange Dismantling Joints can be made of 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and carbon steel.316L Double Flange Dismantling Joints is mainly used for seawater.No special requirements for the working environment can be selected carbon steel.

Sizes: Smallest OD = 48.3mm, Largest OD = 2000mm.
Dismantling Joint materials: Stainless Steel Options = AISI 304/ AISI 316L. Coated Steel Options = Galvanized/ Rilsan/ PVC/ Epoxy
Temperature: EPDM -40℃ to +100℃, NBR -20℃ to +80℃, HNBR -20℃ to +150℃, Viton -20℃ to +250℃
Pipe Materials: Carbon steel, cast and ductile iron, stainless steel, copper, cunifer

After-Sale Service and Technical Assistance:
(1) year from date of shipment to Buyer. If any such product is found to be defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials, then upon written notice and return of the product, and at Mason’s sole discretion, the defective product will be replaced or repaired by Mason free of charge at Mason I’s factory.
2) Staff: manufacturing pipe fittings since 1998, with well-trained and rich-experienced local workers. The structure of the work can reduce the noise, vibration absorbing ability