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  • Fiber winding rubber expansion joint
  • Fiber winding rubber expansion joint

Fiber Winding Rubber Expansion Joint

Place of Origin:Henan, China
Medium:Steam,Water,Seawater,Gas,Oil,Acid,Alkali etc.
Nominal size:DN32 - DN3000mm
Rubber material:EPDM,NBR, NR,PTFE
Standard of Flange:DIN, ANSI, BS, ISO, JIS
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Description of fiber winding rubber expansion joint
Fiber winding Rubber expansion joint has sustained corrosion resistance, high impact strength and excellent damping noise reduction features comparing with metal compensator that extensively used at present. Rubber  Expansion joints are mainly used in rigid piping systems. For example, at the connection between a water pump and a steel pipeline.

Construction of fiber winding rubber expansion joint

Fiber winding technology is the continuous winding of impregnated fibers on the core mold following a certain pattern. Usually, fibers are used to withstand tensile loads along the fiber direction, while resins are used to fix fibers and bear and transmit shear loads, or interlayer stresses.

Fiber winding rubber expansion joint
Advantages of fiber winding rubber expansion joint

Compared with other methods, using fiber winding forming technology has four outstanding advantages:

 1. The design of the fiber winding pattern can fully utilize the strength of the fibers based on the stress conditions of the product Degree effect.

 2. Mechanized or automated production can be adopted to liberate more human resources, with fast winding speed and high productivity High production efficiency.

 3. The produced products have higher strength than rigid products of the same volume and pressure, and in terms of weight Can reduce by 40-60%.

 4. The product has high stability in quality, precise winding, high reliability, and can also be optimized.

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Main connecting dimension of rubber expansion joints

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