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  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

Double Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint

Place of Origin:Henan, China
Medium:Steam,Water,Seawater,Gas,Oil,Acid,Alkali etc.
Nominal size:DN32 - DN3000mm
Rubber material:EPDM,NBR, NR,PTFE
Standard of Flange:DIN, ANSI, BS, ISO, JIS
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Overview of Rubber Expansion Joint

The most obvious feature of the double sphere rubber expansion joint is two spheres, which are suitable for larger installation distances. An external stainless steel pressure ring can be installed in the middle of the sphere to prevent deformation of the rubber expansion joint due to excessive working pressure.

This expansion joint is designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing it to absorb the movements and stresses that normally occur in piping systems. The two spheres of the expansion joint are connected by a flexible corrugated rubber section that enables the joint to move in all directions. This design ensures that the joint can compensate for misalignment, reducing noise and vibration, and preventing damage to the connecting tubing.

Advantages of double ball rubber expansion joint compared with single ball rubber expansion joint

1.Increased Movement Absorption: Double sphere joints have two spheres, providing enhanced flexibility and absorption of movements in multiple directions. They can accommodate greater axial compression, extension, lateral deflection, and angular rotation, reducing stress on the system.

2.Improved Stability and Durability: The dual-sphere design distributes movement and pressure evenly, minimizing the risk of excessive stress on a single point. This leads to improved stability and durability, ensuring longer service life and reducing the likelihood of failure.

3.Better Vibration and Noise Control: With two spheres, double sphere joints offer improved vibration and noise reduction capabilities. They effectively isolate and dampen vibrations, creating a quieter working environment and protecting surrounding structures from excessive vibrations.

4.Flexibility in Misalignment Compensation: The dual-sphere configuration allows for greater flexibility in compensating for pipe misalignment. They can better accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, as well as ground settlement, reducing the risk of stress on the connected piping system.

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