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  • Fabric For Expansion Joint,textile for expansion joint

Fabric Compensator

Place of Origin:Henan, China
Medium: Metal powder,metal grinding
Material:Glass fiber mixed fabric
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Fabric For Expansion Joint,Textile for Fabric expansion joint,Fabric Compensator,It is used for desulfurization pipelines, which are wear-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, and anti-static.

The compensator fabric has the names of non-metallic fabric skin, non-metallic expansion joint skin, fabric expansion joint skin, desulfurization skin, denitration skin, etc. It is mainly composed of multi-layer fireproof and high-temperature resistant glass fiber fabric and thermal insulation cotton, and has many advantages such as wide temperature resistance range, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance, sound absorption and noise reduction, vibration isolation, good flexibility, etc. It can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of systems such as boilers, fans, and long-distance pipelines, and can simplify the pipeline design of the entire system. Compared with metal compensators, it avoids the transmission of hard forces that occur in the vicinity, eliminates tube vibration, solves the problem of compensating for thermal expansion and cold expansion of the fan, as well as the unavoidable displacement of metal parts. It also has advantages such as low price, light weight, fast production, and easy replacement.

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Silicone fabric:

Fluorine rubber fabric:

 Ordering instructions

1.If the customer has special requirements for the product, the following instructions must be provided in the order contract:

(1)Structure length.

(2)Connection method

(3) Nominal diameter, full diameter, reduced diameter, pipe size.

(4) Medium and temperature and pressure range.

(5) Experiment, inspection standards and other requirements, our factory can configure and design special products according to customer special requirements.

2. Our factory can configure and design special products according to customer special requirements.

3. If the customer provides the product type and model determined, the customer should correctly explain the meaning and requirements of its model, and sign the contract under the condition that the supply and demand sides understand the same.