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  • Flanged Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Flanged Rubber Expansion Joint

Flanged Rubber Expansion Joint

Outer/Inner Rubber:NR,NBB,EPMD,CR,IIR,NBR,Viton
Key Frame:Nylon Cord Fabric,Wire
Flange:ANSI/ASME, DIN, JIS, and BS
Flange material:Carbon steel, stainless steel
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The flanged rubber expansion joint is a versatile component used in piping systems. It features flanged ends that provide easy and secure connection to the pipeline. This joint absorbs movement, reduces vibration and noise, and provides flexibility to accommodate thermal expansion, contraction, and misalignment. With its durable rubber construction, the flanged rubber expansion joint ensures reliable performance and long service life in various industrial applications.

Easy Installation: Flange rubber expansion joints come with flanged ends, allowing for quick and convenient installation, saving time and labor costs.

Applicable flange type standards for rubber expansion joints include ANSI/ASME, DIN, JIS, and BS. These standards define the dimensions, materials, and specifications for flange connections, ensuring compatibility and interchangeability between various systems and components
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Different flange standards are applicable
1.ANSI/ASME Flange Standard:
Primarily used in the United States and North America.
Also adopted in some other countries worldwide due to its widespread acceptance and compatibility with American equipment.

2.DIN Flange Standard:
Widely used in European countries, particularly Germany.
Also adopted in many other European countries and regions.

3.JIS Flange Standard:
Primarily used in Japan.
Commonly found in industries and applications within Japan and companies with Japanese equipment worldwide.

4.BS Flange Standard:
Historically used in the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth countries.
Still prevalent in some regions influenced by British engineering practices.

Rubber expansion joints are commonly used with PL OR  SO   flanges .Our professional engineers can provide you with drawings

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