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How to Install Flange Connection Rubber Expansion Joints

 Zhengzhou Mason's drainage engineers believe that The installation of rubber joints need to pay attention to the following 5 details.

1. Keep flange connection rubber expansion joints in natural state when being installed in pump pipeline. Please Install the rubber joint in the condition of no external force and torsion.

2. When installing rubber expansion joints, make both ends of the rubber body are fully fit in flange groove to prevent from being pulled out When the pressure increases .

3. When bolted on, Please tighten the bolts on a diagonal, make sure the rubber body and flange are both positioned.Then tighten the remaining bolts in turn.Bolt screw shall end to pipeline flanges to avoid squeeze injury or scratch injury by threads on rubber arch when rubber ball is expanded.

4.Each bolt must be tightened. Add spring washers besides flat gasket to avoid loose of nuts for places of bad working conditions.

5.When the rubber connector is installed very close to the pump or A high frequency of use of the pump.in order to eliminate excessive expansion and compression of rubber expansion joints, add control units at both ends of flanges.