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How to Choose Suitable Material of Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints

Because of the Different working environment and Different fluid,Rubber expansion joint material is different.For example,when the media is ordinary water,we can use natural rubber.

When the pipeline fluid is seawater or is in high temperature of 110 degrees,we can use EPDM rubber and ss316l flange.Because the seawater is corrosive.EPDM has good resistance to corrosion.Ordinary stainless steel flanges can not resist the erosion of the sea.When the fluid in the pipeline is acid and alkali substances,we can use the chlorine rubber or ptfe lining,because it is with the good weather resistance and ozone aging properties.

When the pipeline fluid is particles,then we must consider the CR rubber,because it has a very good wear resistance and it can greatly improve the life of rubber joints.When the pipeline fluid is oil,we should choose NBR rubber as body material.

In different working environment, the material used in rubber body is also different. Zhengzhou Mason Pipe Fittings company will help you choose the suitable material according to your needs.