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Selection correct material for rubber expansion joint

 Selection correct material for rubber expansion joint is mainly according to the characteristics of the Pipe fluid,the equipment's working conditions,and rubber lining the scene environment,selected lining type,thickness and layers.
(1) operating temperature (1) normal working temperature;(2) the highest and the lowest working temperature;(3) the temperature is always change,how change cycle.
(2) the nature of the medium (1) is it gas or liquid or gas-liquid,gas-solid coexist;(2) is the acid,alkali,salts of single medium or mixed medium;(3) all kinds of medium concentration;(4) medium is oil or organic solvents.
(3) working pressure (1) normal working pressure;(2) the lowest and highest working pressure;(3) the pressure change and change cycle;(4) vacuum negative pressure equipment.
(4) operating in discontinuous or continuous work cycle,maintenance cycle for how long.
(5) rubber lining device is stationary or rotating the operation of the equipment,equipment in the presence of stirring device,stirring speed is how much.
(6) (1) has a solid suspended sediment or pay attention to the solid content,grain size,shape,and material flow.Gas,liquid velocity faster when wear to consider;(2) if in use process by sharp instrument scratches.
(7) using the environment (1) equipment used in indoor or outdoor;(2) the lining whether exposure to weathered;(3) the outdoor equipment to consider the temperature at which the sun exposure in summer and the lowest temperature in winter.