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Non-metallic expansion joint features

1.Multidirectional compensation:non-metallic expansion joint can provide larger in smaller size range of the axial, Angle and lateral displacement.
2. No reverse thrust: the subject material is glass fiber fabric and its coated products. Using non-metallic expansion joint can simplify the design, avoid the use of stents, save a lot of materials and labor.
3. Shock absorption: fiber fabric and heat preservation cotton itself with sound-absorbing damping effect, can effectively reduce boiler, fan, etc. Noise and vibration of the system.
4. Excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance: in polymer materials such as silicone, fluorine coating processing, has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance.
5. Composite silicone rubber and glass fiber cloth and become, has high insulation performance, isolation, noise reduction, (high) low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure, simple structure, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
6. Easy installation and maintenance.