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2016 china rubber expansion joint industry outlook

Introduction: in recent years,with China's major iron and steel industry operating bleak, Under the influence of the current high prices and the national macro-control policies, many real estate companies faced with declining performance, the decline in profitability of the crisis.Rubber joint industry is also affected by the economic crisis.
Because of the basis construction industry slumping,2015 rubber joint industry's annual sales were down 7 percent compared with the previous year.The government's emphasis on environmental protection is strengthened.Government switched off a certain number of low-yield, high-polluting rubber joint manufacturer.In the face of such a situation, it is necessary to start from the individual, the various manufacturers to change sales ideas, pay attention to brand value, improve the quality of products.Faced with these circumstances, the mason management decided to reduce inventories of rubber joints appropriate, improve product quality. In the minds of consumers establish a good brand image.

The general downturn in the domestic market, fierce competition, Zhengzhou Mason are focusing on developing external markets.Recently, devaluation, the government encourages exports, these external conditions are suitable for export.On the one hand, foreign customers can buy inexpensive Chinese rubber joint.On the other hand, enterprises can improve the sales of china rubber joints.China Mason to provide high-quality DIN/JIS/ANSI/BS flange rubber joints, welcomed the vast number of users to buy.