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Rubber Expansion Joint Company Thailand

Rubber expansion joints have a wide application market in Thailand, such as water circulation systems in large factories and some famous sugar processing plants. There are many famous rubber expansion joint companies in Thailand, such as the top rubber expansion joint companies in Thailand:

1. PRC Flexible Rubber Joint: PRC is a well-known supplier of rubber expansion joints in Thailand. They offer a wide range of products, such as single sphere, twin sphere, and multiple arch rubber expansion joints.


2. KPM Industries Co., Ltd.: KPM is a Thai-based manufacturer that specializes in the production of rubber expansion joints, rubber hoses, and other rubber products.


3. Technotex Industries Co., Ltd.: Technotex is a leading manufacturer of rubber expansion joints, flexible hoses, and conveyor belts in Thailand. They offer customized products and solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.


4. BTS Industries Co., Ltd.: BTS is a Thai-based manufacturer that produces rubber expansion joints for various industries, including petrochemical, power generation, and water treatment.


 Many Thai companies also choose to import rubber expansion joint from China. There are the following reasons: the rubber expansion joint made in China are popular in the Thai market because of their excellent quality and low price; Rubber expansion joint has low shipping cost and short time, so it can perfectly replace the rubber expansion joint produced in Thailand.


Zhengzhou Mason Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. has sold rubber expansion joint to Thailand for many times, such as Zhengzhou Mason vacuum resistant rubber expansion joint sold to Thailand's Mitsui Sugar Factory project.

Rubber expansion joint company Thailand