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Fiber Reinforced Rubber Expansion Joint

1.The  Overview of Fiber winding Rubber expansion joint

Fiber winding Rubber expansion joint has sustained corrosion resistance, high impact strength and excellent damping noise reduction features comparing with metal compensator that extensively used at present. Rubber  Expansion joints are mainly used in rigid piping systems. For example, at the connection between a water pump and a steel pipeline.This type of product will be purchased in situations with high technical requirements, such as nuclear power plants, large pressure pipelines, and high-temperature and high-pressure production environments.
  • Fiber winding rubber expansion jointFiber winding rubber expansion joint

2 . Common rubber expansion joint

Ordinary rubber expansion joints are the most widely used due to their superior performance and low price.This common rubber expansion joint often does not allow the best characterization of reinforcement materials, do not allow optimal orientation of the reinforcement material.In high-pressure working environments, fibers can automatically wrap under high pressure, disperse pressure, maintain good operating conditions, ensure the safety of the working environment, and improve efficiency.

Characteristics of Fiber winding Rubber expansion joint

Fiber winding technology is the continuous winding of impregnated fibers on the core mold following a certain pattern. Usually, fibers are used to withstand tensile loads along the fiber direction, while resins are used to fix fibers and bear and transmit shear loads, or interlayer stresses.The rubber expansion joint adopts the manufacturing method of prefabricated fiber layer, which is to continuously wind the dipped fiber on the core mold in accordance with certain rules. Usually, the fiber is used to bear the tensile load along the fiber direction, and the resin is used to fix the fiber and bear and transfer the shear load, or interlaminar stress.

Advantage  Fiber winding Rubber expansion 
(1)The design of the fiber winding pattern can fully utilize the strength of the fibers based on the stress conditions of the product Degree effect.
(2) Mechanized or automated production can be adopted to liberate more human resources, with fast winding speed and high productivity High production efficiency.
(3)The produced products have higher strength than rigid products of the same volume and pressure, and in terms of weight Can reduce by 40-60%.
(4)The product has high stability in quality, precise winding, high reliability, and can also be optimized.

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