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The main characteristics of fabrics expansion joint

1.in smaller size range provides large multidimensional direction compensation, fiber fabric expansion joint has good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.
2. Fabric expansion energy saving good sound isolation, can effectively reduce boiler, fan noise and vibration of the system.
3. Fiber fabric expansion joint, the main materials for fibers, powerless, pipe fixed bearings, guide bearings, save a lot of material can simplify the design.
4. Fabric expansion joint installed according to the design department to provide the specifications of hair, pay special attention to welding in the process of installation, spark, can not damage the fabric fiber tip hard objects.
5. When installing expansion joint wear-resistant liner indicate direction to the flow direction of medium and pipeline must be consistent.
6. Fabric expansion joint with fixed pole, after the installation is complete with yellow tie rod or a fixed rod should be dismantled and guarantee the normal work of the expansion joint.