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Expansion Joint Rubber

Rubber flanged bellows are flexible cylindrical components made of rubber used to absorb vibration, compensate for motion, and provide a seal between two mating components with flanged ends. They are commonly used in a variety of industries including plumbing systems, HVAC systems and automotive applications.


Rubber flanged bellows are designed with flanged ends that can be easily connected to other components such as pipes or equipment using bolts or other fasteners. The rubber material used in its construction is flexible, allowing the bellows to accommodate movement and vibration while maintaining a reliable seal.


These bellows are very effective at absorbing vibration and reducing noise, helping to protect equipment and improve the overall performance and life of the system. In addition, they compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, misalignment and other movements that may occur in the system.


Rubber flanged bellows are available in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations to suit different applications.

It is important to select bellows for specific operating conditions including temperature, pressure and chemical compatibility. It is necessary to inspect and maintain the rubber flange bellows regularly to ensure their continued effectiveness and prevent any potential failure.