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Comparion Between SS304 and SS316

 Stainless steel 316L is a kind of stainless steel containing molybdenum, as a result of the steel containing molybdenum the steel performance is better than stainless steel316 and stainless steel304, under the condition of high temperature, and the sulfate concentration lower than 15% or higher than 85%, 316L stainless steel is of a wide range of uses. Stainless steel 316L also has good resistance to chloride corrosion, so it is usually used in marine environment.
The maximum carbon content of 316L stainless steel is 0.03, can be used for welding that can not be annealed and the need for maximum corrosion resistance.
Corrosion resistance.
SS 316L has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel304, in the pulp and paper production process it has a good corrosion resistance. And 316L stainless steel is also resistant to the erosion of the ocean and the erosion of the industrial atmosphere.