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Butyl Rubber expansion joint

Butyl rubber with good heat aging resistance, good resistance to polarity solution and the performance of the plant and animal oil, excellent water resistance, low water permeability, water absorption rate is low, good insulation performance, corona resistance. Butyl rubber self-adhesive and mutual viscosity can be poor, poor compatibility with rubber and other. Compared with other rubber, vulcanizing speed is slow.Butyl rubber due to its structural characteristics, its air permeability, the lowest in hydrocarbon rubber under 40 ℃, the coefficient of the breath of butyl rubber is about 1/20 of the natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, 1/8 of butyl rubber with good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance performance, timid ozone aging crack growth was slow.

Butty rubber expansion joint are widely used in the field of chemical and chemical engineering.