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How to Detect The Quality of Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints

 First of all, Zhengzhou Mason believes that the most critical factor in determining the quality of the Rubber expansion Joints is the rubber material, high quality rubber can make a good rubber expansion joint. Some Rubber expansion Joints damping performance is not good.After a period of time ,the rubber body will appear crack, aging is more serious, these are because of the poor quality of rubber.The most simple and effective way to distinguish rubber material is put them in the sun or under the lights, look at the color.The high quality Rubber expansion Joints will show a natural rubber color. Some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to mimic the effect of good rubber.They'll inferior rubber chemically treated to make it the color black, shiny.However, this color looks unnatural.

Secondly, we must look at the production process of Rubber body.High-quality rubber with high flexibility, high air tightness, chemical resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance, etc., And we adopt high strength polyester cord and rubber composite, through high pressure and high temperature mold vulcanization process.In addition, a steel ring is added at both ends of the rubber body to improve the pressure resistance performance and the service life of the rubber joint.Many manufacturers, in order to reap profits, cut corners, do not join the polyester tire cord and wire ring, thus greatly reducing the use of rubber joints in compressive strength, sometimes because of excessive pressure caused by Rubber expansion Joints burst.

Finally, the purchase of rubber joints to look for well-known brands.Zhengzhou mason is the Rubber expansion Joints manufacturer in China certified with EJMA member, ISO9001, ASME U stamp, design and manufacture license of special equipment (pressure piping).Please visit our website to purchase your needed products.