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Pipeline/Valve Pressure classification knowledge

 PN, CLass, a representation of all the pressure that we normally use, the difference is that they represent the pressure corresponding to the reference temperature different, PN refers to the European system at 120 ℃ in the corresponding pressure, CLass US standard means at 425.5 ℃ in the corresponding pressure. So we can not just simply be interchanged in the project in terms of pressure, such as pressure CLass300 # simple conversion should be 2.1MPa, but if you take into account the temperature, then it corresponds to the pressure rises, the temperature of the material according to pressure test measures equivalent to 5.0MPa.

The valve system are mainly two kinds: one is German (including China) represented to room temperature (china is 100 ℃, Germany is 120℃) of the allowable working pressure as the benchmark of "nominal" system. One is represented by the United States to promise a certain temperature under the working pressure as the representative of the "temperature stress" system, the American system of temperature and pressure, in addition to 260 ℃ 150LB reference, the other levels are 454℃ benchmark.

American Standard German standard pressure rating table

Slip on flanges ANSI B16.5  150Ibs