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Steam Metal Bellows

Steam Metal Bellows used is also called corrugated pipe compensator, expansion joint, expansion joint is used to use corrugated tube elastic element of effective expansion deformation to absorb pipeline, pipe or container by thermal expansion and contraction and other reasons caused changes in the size of a compensation device, belonging to a compensation element. The compensator is composed of a corrugated element and a pipe joint, a guide tube, an outer protecting pipe and an end plate. The absorption of axial, transverse, and angular displacement is used to absorb vibration, reduce noise, and so on in the pipeline, equipment and system.

Two. Key technical parameters and design and manufacturing standards 
Main technical parameters: pressure, temperature, amount of compensation, stiffness, service life, working medium, connection form. At present, the national accreditation and implementation of the standards of the expansion of the United States Manufacturers Association EJMA standard, the national standard 12777-1999 GB/T "metal bellows expansion joint general technical conditions".