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Comparion Between CR and PTFE

 As they are both commonly used in rubber joint, how to distinguish CR and PTFE is important in rubber joint buying.CR and PTFE are similar in some way but still of different features.
CR rubber is one of the more common rubber, with oil resistance, heat resistance, flame.The performance of CR rubber is just after EPDM,CR is the most common products such as hair, rubber band, etc. resistance, resistance to sunlight, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
PTFE price is much higher than CR.The PTFE expansion joints are designed for industrial corrosive chemical applications, with an integral PTFE liner and EPDM rubber.

Carbon steel flanges with tapped bolt holes, integral steel limit bolts, and reinforcing rings enable them to absorb vibration and allows thermal movement and misalignment in piping. All flanges are tapped to mate with 125/150# companion flanges. No gaskets needed.