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Zhengzhou mason rubber expansion joint pipe fittings

 Zhengzhou Mason pipe fittings company produces rubber expansion joints with high quality, more and more car factory choose to use, such as Guangzhou Toyota car factory, Shenyang Tiexi BMW factory, Beijing Automotive Group Zhenjiang factories, car factories, Mason Classic Case : Chongqing Changan Ford plant pump room installation Shanghai soft rubber joints, mainly provides noise damping for the air conditioning unit, pump house pipe, absorbing pipe displacement compensation, can be well protected safe Chongqing Changan Ford plant central air conditioning, water pump equipment operation, to prevent vibration damage to the pump.Zhengzhou Mason rubber joints have abs certification, iso9001, ce and other international general certificate.Zhengzhou Mason pipe fittings exported to Canada France Australia 、Denmark、 Philippines、Indonesia、Malaysia、Panama.