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Three elements of Flange Braided Flexible Metal hoses selection

 (1) Flange Braided Flexible Metal hoses, selects the connector type (flange connection, threaded connections, hydraulic pressure quick joint connection) and the size of the Flange Braided Flexible Metal hoses, Flexible Metal hoses length.
(2) The temperature inside the Flange Braided Flexible Metal hoses working temperature of medium and scope; Flexible Metal hoses work when the ambient temperature. High temperature, high temperature is to be prepared in accordance with the Flexible Metal hoses under working pressure temperature correction coefficient, determine the adjusted pressure temperature, to make sure to choose the correct pressure rating.
(3) The standard According to Flange Braided Flexible Metal hoses when using state, consult the proper use and installation method of Flexible Metal hoses and Flexible Metal hoses in settling compensation when the best length of the length of the Flexible Metal hoses all kinds of sports state calculation and Flexible Metal hoses factors such as the minimum bend number and minimum bending radius, the parameters of the correct selection of Flexible Metal hoses length, and installed correctly..