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Zhengzhou mason Metal Bellows

Metal bellows is like a wave-like shape of the rules, common metal bellows is carbon steel Bellows of or 304 stainless steel Bellows, but also of steel lined with plastic, aluminum and so on. Mainly used for small bending radii required non-concentric axial drive, or irregular turning, stretching, or absorb heat pipe deformation, or not easy to install fixed elbow occasions do connecting pipe and the pipe or pipes and the connected device.

Metal bellows can be divided into stainless steel shockproof connector, stainless steel expansion joints, expansion joints shockproof stainless steel, stainless steel lateral expansion joints, stainless steel string type expansion joints, stainless steel protection tube expansion joints, metal hose, FM certified clean room for the fire sprinkler soft pipe, FM certified commercial building fire sprinkler hoses.

Zhengzhou mason Metal bellows exported to Denmark,Philippines,Indonesia,Malaysia,Panama,Panama,Spain,United States,Tanzania,Australia,United States,Germany,Israel.