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  • PTFE Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
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PTFE lining Rubber Expansion Joints

Name:PTFE lining Rubber Expansion Joint, Teflon lined Expansion Joints
Outer/Inner Rubber:NR,NBB,EPMD,CR,IIR,NBR,Viton
Key Frame:Nylon Cord Fabric,Wire
Flange:ANSI 150#/ASME, DIN, BS, and JIS as well as others
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The PTFE lined flange rubber expansion joints are designed for industrial corrosive chemical applications, with an integral PTFE liner and EPDM rubber body.PTFE Flexible rubber expansion joint is based on the common rubber joint. The Inner rubber increased PTFE lining.The rubber expansion joints come in diameters from 1" to 120". 

 PTFE lined rubber expansion joint has the features:

• Absorbs all directional movement and reduces structural noise transmission with strong shock absorption;
• The inner seamless high-pressure rubber joint independently prevents corrosive medium from etching the inner wall of the rubber joint in high temperature,acid and alkali and oil resistant pipeline,thereby extending its service life.
• The PTFE Flexible rubber joint is an good ideal choice for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and ultra pure water industries
• The user can choose according to their needs American Standard ANSI 150I,BS flange,German standard DIN flange,BN flange and JIS flange.

After-Sale Service and Technical Assistance:
(1)one year from date of shipment to Buyer. If any such product is found to be defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials, then upon written notice and return of the product, and at Mason’s sole discretion, the defective product will be replaced or repaired by Mason free of charge at Mason I’s factory.
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