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  • Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
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  • Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

Single Arch Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints

Medium:Steam,Water,Seawater,Gas,Oil,Acid,Alkali etc.
Outer/Inner Rubber: EPDM, Butyl, Nitrile, Chlorobutyl, Hypalon®, Neoprene,Viton®, natural rubber etc.
Key Frame:Nylon Cord Fabric
Pressurized Ring:Copper-plating Steel Wire
Flange: ANSI 150#/ASME, DIN, BS, and JIS as well as others
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Product description:

Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint is designed to absorb movements and stress on piping systems, compensate for pipe misalignment, reduce vibration and system noise. Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints come standard with ANSI 150#/DIN2576/BS4504/JIS flanges. Instead the carcass has a minimum of four layers of high tensile synthetic fabric. Each layer is impregnated with a rubber or synthetic compound. This allows movement and flexibility between the layers of fabric.  The Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint is the most economic choice when it comes to rubber expansion joints.

•Large diameter Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint needs to install the control unit. Control units are sold separately
•Rubber body length can be customized.
•Package:Wooden box, waterproof cardboard boxes
 Delivery:7 working days

1.18 years manufacturing experience.
2.The largest size in China:DN3600MM.
3.The longest service life, DN2600 single sphere rubber expansion joint for HEBEI Power Plant in 2006, it still works now.
4.Qualified Nuclear Power Plant supplier.
5.Excellent annnual sales performance of rubber joints: 1.01 million USD last year.
6.Rubber body length can be customized.
After-Sale Service and Technical Assistance:
(1) year from date of shipment to Buyer. If any such product is found to be defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials, then upon written notice and return of the product, and at Mason’s sole discretion, the defective product will be replaced or repaired by Mason free of charge at Mason I’s factory.
2) Staff: manufacturing pipe fittings since 1998, with well-trained and rich-experienced local workers. The structure of the work can reduce the noise, vibration absorbing ability

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