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  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint

Twin Arch Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints

Product Specifications:DN32mm - DN3600mm
Medium:Steam,Water,Seawater,Gas,Oil,Acid,Alkali etc.
Outer/Inner Rubber:NR,NBB,EPMD,CR,IIR,NBR
Product Pressure:0.6-2.5 MPa
The standard of flange drilling:ANSI 150#/ASME, DIN, BS, and JIS as well as others
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Product description:

Double Sphere/arch Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints are designed to absorb movements and stress on piping systems, Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints' connecting distance is relatively large.Compared with the Single Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints,the maximum pressure which He can withstand is smaller than Single Sphere Joint. But, in the middle part of the rubber joint is pressurized ring. Each layer is impregnated with a rubber or synthetic compound. This allows movement and flexibility between the layers of fabric.Double Sphere Flexible Rubber Expansion Joints is easy to install and maintain because of the small volume and flexibility.The inner seamless high-pressure rubber joint is developed by our own which prevents corrosive medium from etching the inner wall of the rubber joint in high temperature, acid, alkali and oil resistant pipeline. We can assure the quality and if you put up some other specific requirement, we will take them into consideration too.

• Rubber body length can be customized.

1.18 years manufacturing experience.
2.The largest size in China:DN3600MM.
3.The longest service life, DN2600 single sphere rubber expansion joint for HEBEI Power Plant in 2006, it still works now.
4.Qualified Nuclear Power Plant supplier.
5.Excellent annnual sales performance of rubber joints: 1.01 million USD last year.
6.Competitive price, our price is not the lowest and not highest.