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Common Reasons of Rubber Expansion Joint Cracking

 How To prevent the cracking of rubber expansion joints?we must pay attention in the using.In accordance with the following steps can reduce the occurrence of the cracking.

First,When the installation of rubber Expansion Joint ,the length of rubber tubing and fittings connected beyond the limit, so Rubber Expansion Joint will be stretched cracking

Second,When the rubber joints installed, in use, it can not exceed the maximum working pressure, otherwise there will be cracks.Third,after installation, in other parts of the pipeline random drawstring here beyond telescopic range, may crack.

Third ,In the production of Rubber Expansion Joint,Rubber material has a bad or invalid from sulfur, grinding excessive rust rope, etc., when in use, the rubber ball may crack.

Fourth,under the influence of outdoor weather,explosion drying,use less than the temperature also may crack.

Last ,These types of cases will make the rubber joints crack, so we have to pay attention for maintenance, so as not to cause fracture rubber joints and cracks occurred.