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How To Install Rigid Waterproof Sleeve

 Firstly,if the wall is not made of concrete, the area where the sleeve goes through should be concreted, and the concreted diameter should be 200mm more than the wing ring diameter. The sleeve should be fixed in the wall at one time and the stuffing material should be tamped firmly.

Secondly,the thickness of the concreted wall where sleeve goes through should not less than 200mm, otherwise some additional work should be done to thicken one side or two sides of the wall. The diameter of the thickened place should be 200mm more than the wing ring diameter. The welding structure size tolerance and the geometric tolerance is executed by the standard of JB/T5000, 3-1998.The circumference of the sleeve can be 2mm more or less than standard products.

Lastly,the Rigid Waterproof Sleeve can be made according to customer’s requirements by standard of S312 or 02S4O4. This product can be applied to all kinds of pipeline, please give clear indication of the external diameter and applicable wall thickness when ordering