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GMF company for the OEM rubber joints

 Rubber joints also called the soft rubber joints, flexible rubber joints, rubber shock absorbers, such as compensation. Press the connection points loose flanges,fixed flanges and threaded three kinds; according to the structure can be divided into five kinds of single ball, double ball, reducers body, bending the ball and pressure plate pipe.The inner and outer layers of plastic, ply and bead composition tubular rubber member vulcanized after forming and metal flanges or parallel connector loose jacket combination.This product can reduce vibration and noise, and thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes from the compensation due to the widely used in various piping systems.Flexible rubber joints English name GJQ flexible rubber joint
Brand: GJQ, KXT
Diameter: DN40-DN4000
Material: natural rubber, styrene-butadiene, chloroprene, butyl rubber, EPDM.
This product utilizes the high elasticity of rubber, high gas resistance, chemical resistance, weatherability and resistance to radiation, etc., can reduce the vibration and noise pipe from the compensation and thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes of.It can be widely used in various pipelines, ships, chemicals, power plants, water plants, building damping, nuclear power is noise damping, compensation for displacement of the best products, our company OEM various types of rubber joints, can produce any flange standards and any length, welcome the world customer orders.http://www.water-yx.com